AP Language project

Rob Woodard is a very dear friend of mine and my family at church. He is a big role in my life and is very kind and loving to us all.

Moms interview

We talked about the life of being a parent and as a person in general.

Ellers thanksgiving project

His life in cuba and what made him leave, also about stuff as a family that we can all enjoy.

Pierre Joseph and his granddaughter Paige Looney speak about his immigration from Lebanon.

Pierre and Paige discuss his family history, the move to the U.S. from Lebanon, and compare the two places and his childhood across both of them.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I sat down with my step-dad today and we talked about his upbringing and how it lead up to now.

Something about my little brother

An interview with me interviewing my younger brother.

My moms story

I talked to my mom about her life before she met my dad which is here husband. She talks about her professional career and the relationships she had with her parents and grandparents.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about many things we started with childhood and ended with how he would like to be remembered. He gave many great words of advice that and shows how hard work passion and love can lead to a happy...

Interview: Cousin in Law and Cousin!

Good times w/ the family! (Some bad words I’m so sorry!)