Interview with my mother

This interview was held at Springwood school. My name is Liddy Camp I am 17 years old, and I interviewed my mother Amy Camp, who is a math teacher here at Springwood. During this interview, I asked my mother many...

Kim Schneider

As I was interviewing my grandmother, i learned about her happiest memory, her grandmother, how she met my grandpa, and her childhood friend.

Journalism Project Henrik Santiago

I interviewed my sister Leighton Santiago who is a freshman this year at Arlington Heights, she goes to heights for a specific veterinarian program that Paschal doesn’t have, she is 14 years old. I asked her about people she most...

Bailee’s Heritage project

I interview my oma (grandma) about her life through the past and present

Recording – 07-23-2023 11:19:19

I interviewed my 43 year old mom, Sue Ann Simpkins. the topics discussed we’re about life in general.

Cast Member Duo

I (Sarah) interview my coordinator/ friend Julia (Jules) about her life. I ask questions of her life in general, the pandemic, and some of her happiest and saddest memories.