The Future of Acroyoga

A conversation between Ryan Bean and McKenna Wilkins of Ascension Acro. The four elements of acroyoga: acrobatics, yoga, thai massage, and community. Inclusion of flow arts (hula hoop, staff, fire props) is the future.

O-Sky Interview

A talk with an up-and-coming young musician. What got her started, what she likes to do, and where she wants to go from here.

Opera Del Sol

Opera Del Sol is taking Opera and making it cool. Opening Opera Wars in Orlando November 24th and 25th at the Abbey.

John and Corey Discuss Their Creative Paths

Talbot and Persaud get a chance to interview each other about how they began their music and poetry journeys. They also talk about how they became friends and ended up where they are now.

The Company Of One

A little bit about the Company of One, how it began, its heart, the vision for the future. The dance side of the company was performing their first show this night at Creative City Project.