The Bracero that Never got Paid

In this interview Luis (23) interviews his mother Maria (52) about her father (his grandfather) who was an ex-Bracero and her story of how she tried to recover some of his documents and any available compensation.

Injustices involving children who have a disability

Interview with mom of a five year old boy who had Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Blindness and the injustice against children who have disabilities.

Verenzo Holmes Jr and Jawun Rouse. Story of a victim of Social Injustice and Police Brutality.

This interview is about someone who was a victim of social injustice telling their story. This is a great story and you would love to hear it. This story can open your eyes on how police treat African Americans and...

Across the Border: Abortion Laws and Feminism

Hello everyone, in this interview I had the honor of interviewing my friend Arantxa Rangel, an activist for abortion rights and women’s rights in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to discuss the different perspectives of the laws and her...

Experiences with Social Injustices as a Woman of Color

In this interview, religious studies professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Cemelli de Aztlan details her experiences with racism and sexism in higher education and in life.

Issues Facing the Transgender Community in the U.S.

This interview was conducted with Larry Parra (22) and Caitlyn Tapia-Bindrum (22) to raise awareness on the issues and experiences faced by the transgender community in the U.S. We also go on to discuss the ways in which we can...

Daisy Lynton and Deidad Vega

Friends Daisy Lynton (71) and Deidad “Enid” Vega (57) share a conversation about Daisy’s life growing up in Panama, how she came to the US, her work as a nurse, and her time living in Germany, El Paso, and Georgia,...

Patricia Perez and Norma Perez

Patricia Perez (61) speaks with her sister Norma Perez (51) about their family background, going to college, and starting her own business. The pair also talk about how important they are to each other.

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann and Victoria Evans

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann (62) speaks with his best friend Victoria Evans (65) about how he became involved in music at an early age, how he continued his career by studying in Europe and later back in the US. He also talks...

Unfairly deported to Mexico

In this interview, my stepdad talks about his experience getting arrested and unfairly deported to Mexico.