CBP's authorities mistreatment to bordercrosser

The security of the United States is essential at any second and any time, we know that there are millions of people crossing everyday. Here at the borderland El Paso, Tx and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is our daily day lifes,...

Gun Violence

This interview is with a former sheriff regarding the gun violence especially at school. Giving his perspective on the acts that can be done or what can’t be change.el

"Do what good you can" Chris Spangler, Wesley Donaldson, Joseph Palmer

Chris Spangler talks with his cousin Wesley Donaldson and friend Joseph Palmer, who are both Police Officers and went to high school together, about how to better reform the police. With many calling for defunding the police, what are some...

Ramon A. Rosales (aka Andy Rosales) and Ramon Rosales Sr.

Ramon A. Rosales (23) (above) talks with his grandfather Ramon Rosales Sr. (77) (bottom right) about his time in the Navy, being captured as a Prisoner of War, and the problems that arise when veterans seek healthcare. Also pictured: Adan...

Growing Up Rachel

Scott Brumley (45) and Rachel Bures (43), a couple in the early stages of dating, discuss Rachel’s childhood and family.