Kerri Rhodes and Rosa Tapia

Colleagues Kerri Rhodes (44) and Rosa Tapia (31) discuss the creation of the non-profit Restore Education, the goals of their programming, and the demographic the non-profit serves.

Interview with Dolores Lopez, and Blanca Luz Monterrosa LTNS 435 Fall 2022

Michelle Monterrosa(26), conducted an interview with her grandmother Dolores Lopez who is (101), and my Tia Blanca Monterrosa. Dolores shared her experiences from growing up in El Salvador and coming to San Francisco in the 1980s.

Interview with Krisia Batres

In this interview we learned about Krisia Batres life. We also learned how she grew up and how she felt. She gave out her opinions and what she did when she was younger.

Kami Timm and Liz Wessel

Kami shares with her friend and colleague Liz about what brought her to nursing and where she has been in both her career and her personal life. She talks about nursing being her calling and her personal experiences that impacted...

Dr. Dudley Harris and Cindy Vondrak

Husband and wife, Dr. Dudley Harris (80) and Cindy Vondrak (71), discuss Dr. Harris starting the first outpatient ophthalmology surgical center in the state of Texas. They also discuss Japanese pottery, ceramics and using photography as philanthropy.

Interviewing my grandmother

We talked about her past and her tragic story. We talked about why she came to the U.S. We discussed her happiest and saddest moments in life. She shared some of her best advice about why one should obey parents,...

Things that would happen to anyone else

In this Interview I had the opportunity of interviewing my mother in law Laura. I asked her many questions about her life that helped me get to know her better.