Nalayini Gunanayagam and Yagulan Srikumar

Yagulan Srikumar (19) interviews aunty Nalayini Gunanayagam (66) about what it means to be Tamil Sri Lanken, the impact of the 1983 riots on their individual families, and keeping a relationship to the motherland as part of the diaspora.

John Friedrich interviews Bob Alpern, Part 5

John Friedrich (55) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his participation in a protest against a U.S. missiles in Stuttgart, Germany, together with German Green Party leader Petra Kelly and novelist Gunter Grass, as part of his life's work...

Alex Call interviews Chris Reid

Alex Call (15) and his grandmother Chris Reid (80) talk about school during, World War II, life as a nurse, family history, and time spent in India. They also reflect on some important memories and a forgotten story about Winnie-the-Pooh.

James Patrick Tobin and David Tobin. Maine and the Military.

James Patrick Tobin has a conversation with his grandfather David Tobin. They talk about what life was like in Maine during the 1940s and David Tobin’s experience as an air traffic controller during The Korean War.

How education and life has changed and how it would’ve adapted in times of crisis like these

In this interview I talk to my dad about what it was like growing up in a time with less technology and how that affected education daily life and the possible outcomes of a pandemic during his younger days.

Interviewing Brian McCarthy

In this interview, Brian McCarthy discusses growing up in different countries and the impact that it has had on his life as well as some of his perspectives on the Coronavirus.

Mom/Son Interview.

We talked about a variety of things.Included how she grew up,Covid-19 and a lot more.


She was only two years old when she moved from Rochdale, Lancashire, England, to Moose Jaw, Canada. I interviewed my Aunt, who interviewed my great grandmother about her life, before my great grandmother passed away. My great grandmother, Alice Okerstrom...