Dawn Heath-Fiedler and Heather Brewer

Dawn Heath-Fiedler (58) and her friend and colleague Heather Brewer (53) talk about their work caring for victims of human trafficking and educating young people to avoid being victims.

unknown titans

I Ewan Maclean interview my mom moyra knight on her journey to America from London England

Adrian Woolfitt and Rosemary Woolfitt

Rosemary Woolfitt (63) talks with her husband, Adrian Woolfitt (65), about his native home of Brighton, England.

Clint McGuire and Jack Benjamin

Clint McGuire (56) continues his conversation with his former professor and long-time friend Jack Benjamin (71) about Jack's years building and running a theatre department at the University of South Carolina Aiken. This conversation mainly covers the years 2002-2006.

Life Growing up in the UK

I interviewed my grandad, Colin Powton, who is 75 years old. We discussed what it was like growing up in England in the 1950s like going to school and being in the military, the Falklands, and the Fire Service.

Lawrence Davis ad Casey Dupont

Casey Dupont talks with Lawrence Davis, his 75 year old grandfather, about his life. He worked many jobs and going to school around the east coast in a time of war, before having four children and living more relaxed life.

Grandma talks about what life was like in England

In December of 2022, Anthony (15) interviews his grandmother, Sandy (67), who was born in England in 1955, about her life in England and adjusting to life in Canada, and then the United States. One of the main differences was...

Interview with my Grandfather

Ruari Shearer interviews Grandfather, Tom Shearer. They talk about his happy childhood despite how little he had growing up in Leicestershire, England.

The story of an immigrant
December 9, 2022 App Interview

My dad damir herman talks about his life as an immigrant from Croatia. He talks about storys from croatia and how he learnt to speak English fluently.