White Water Breaks the Stone

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) talks about two trips to Europe to protest the deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe, including a three day block of the Mutlangen Air Force Base in southern Germany. There,...

development proj. – mo

In this interview, conducted via Zoom from New Jersey, US and Derbyshire, England, Hanako Moulton (17) interviews her father’s sibling Mo Moulton. Moulton shares stories on their experiences as a lgbtq+ teenager in Massachusetts, their career in academia, and their...

Memories of a mere copy

Sharia talks about family, work, and looks back on her life as it is with her daughter Sabrina.

War time with Jean Redington
December 1, 2020 App Interview

An interview with our grandmother about her time during WWII, taking the German generals to surrender, her work with UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, and meeting an American airman stationed in Frankfurt.

Cole and Pop Pop

I asked my Grandpa (or as we call him, Pop Pop) questions about his life, and our ancestors.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview with my grandmother who is from Ipswich, England. She talks about her love life, her family, moving to America and the changes she had to go through.

Kasey Adams and Jon Adams talk about growing up in England

In this interview conducted on November 2020 in Palm Springs California Kasey Adams age (14) interviews her father John Adams age (65). My father and I live in Alamo California but are on Thanksgiving break in Palm Springs California. John...