Leah Davis Witherow and William Hybl

Leah Davis Witherow (55) interviews William Hybl [no age given] about growing up in Pueblo, Colorado, serving in the Army in Ethiopia, and his work in the district attorney’s office.

Story Corps

the person that Interview is called Mehari Dante, they are 53 years old and they are a family friends. they talked a lot about childhood memories, relationships with other family/ hard ship of traveling into different country in a young...

First Generation as an Islamic American Woman

My name is Samantha, I am 37 years old and I interviewed Amreen, 35, for my communications class. We just met today for the first time, she is one of my mother's work colleagues. We discussed what it is like...

My amazing aunt Lilly
December 24, 2022 App Interview

On December 24 of 2022, Naava Richlin (16) interviewed her aunt Lilly (56) about growing up in Ethiopia and being the first one in her family to leave the country. She immigrated from Ethiopia to France just after high school...

Helene Haile and Lili Ford

One Small Step conversation partners Helene Haile (20) and Lili Ford (20) talk about their memories of growing up, adoption and foster care, and assumptions about political affiliations.

Marcia Oates and Ann Mershon

One Small Step Conversation partners Marcia Oates (68) and Ann Marie Mershon (73) talk about their careers as school teachers and what they learned, the progress or lack there of on women's rights in their lifetime, abortion, and women's athletics.

Abebech Mergia and Charlie Shin

Abebeck, a caregiver with PACE, talks with coworker Charlie about Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) and explains this special time in her culture. Also talks about the importance of neighbors, coworkers and participants.

Kathleen Petrie and Meredeth Roberts

Meredeth Petrie Roberts (47) interviews her mother, Kathleen Petrie [no age given], about her childhood, her missionary work in Africa, and her memories of her late husband, Colin.