Gabriela Cadena and Donaciano Cantu

Life partners Gabriela Cadena [no age given] and Donaciano Cantu (48) discuss their relationship and the travels they have taken together. They also discuss their plans for the future, including getting married in 2023.

Mariel Day and her father, Timothy Day, talks about some of the interesting adventures her father has had throughout his life.

Mariel Day (18) talks with his father, Timothy Day (67) about his hitchhiking adventures around Europe and snippets about his experience in the navy.

Brat Life with Nana

Drew Lamb (18) talks to Nana Jean (78) about her life as a brat, and what she learned living on a military base with her family.

Exploring The Power of Travel

Carole Koblik (76) talks to her great niece Linnea Koblik (15) about traveling to new countries while attending UC Davis as an undergraduate. Because she had studied the architecture of many great cities like Paris and Athens, she felt like...

Shirley Burke interview

Shirley Burke being interviewed by her grandson, Tristan Burke, about her life and with apperiences by Ela Burke, Tristan's mom, and Brayden, Tristan's brother, and Mikaela, Tristan's sister.

Eve Anders and Laila Moreau
November 23, 2022 App Interview

My grandmother, Eve Anders, tells me about growing up during World War II and how she and her family was involved in helping and leading the Polish army. She also talks about lessons that she has learned from the strong...

My Grandparents First Meeting

This is the story of how my grandmother met my grandfather, and how they went on a trip around Europe after knowing each other for a week.

Tim Wheeler and Joseph Ernst
October 15, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Wheeler (68) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) explore common experiences growing up in small Midwestern towns and talk about their differing views on environmentalism and climate change.