96 Year Old Grandfather Interview, Yiddish, Russian Jewish Immigration in 1920’s, Life Wisdom and Personal History of Lloyd Torgove ii

Lloyd Torgove - 96 years old, Michael (Misha) Clasby - 36 years old. Yiddish, Russian Jewish Immigrant family experience, WW2, St. Louis, Nahant MA, Boston Hotel, YoYo in the 1930’s US, Life Wisdom

Recording di Marcelo interview – 01-08-2024 22:33:58

I interviewed my mom, and she gave me some great responses. great to hear about life in a different country.

Lawrence Meisel and Chris Krieger

One Small Step conversation partners Lawrence Meisel (71) and Chris Krieger (53) have a wide-ranging conversation about their lives and beliefs, finding connection despite initial political differences.

My interview with my mom

I am going to ask her some few questions about life experience and her memories from life.

Conversation with Tom Lennon, United States Navy Veteran
November 18, 2023 App Interview

I had a conversation with Mr. Lennon about his inspiration to serve, specific experiences on carriers overseas, and lessons of leadership he learned as well as implemented as a Captain. Mr. Lennon discussed his initial reactions and officers he looked...

Grace Burton-Edwards and Laurence Schlesinger

One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Grace Burton-Edwards (56) and Rabbi Laurence "Larry" Schlesinger (72) have a conversation about Israel, religion, and fostering connection between religions.

Interviewing my tita (aunt)

Javier Vallina (17) interviews his tita Veronica Vallina (50) about growing up as the youngest, her career, and her experiences traveling in Europe. (sorry about the dogs)