Interview with my mom

We talk about the past present and future. Good vibes were only allowed!

Mom Speaking Boldly about Heart Disease

This interview was about my mom telling me about heart disease and diabetes. She also gave her background to me.

My moms Different Childhood

For my final project I decided to interview my mom. This is for my intro to Anthropology class at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. I recently traveled to Carencro, Louisiana and I realized it strongly reflected what I was...

Interview of an Aviation HS Senior, 2019

Advan Radincic is my student and the Editor of the Aviation Log, our school newspaper. He told me about how his grandfather inspires him and has some advice to offer his own future grandchildren. Advan also shares what he is...

My Filipino Parents

I interview my dad, and somewhat my mom before she falls asleep, about their experience traveling from the Philippines to Italy then to our new home, America.

My Father’s story

We talked about my fathers lifestyle, family, and things that he enjoyed in life and who he loves, and the purpose of this having a conversation about my father was getting to know more about him and what does he...

Interview with my dad

I finally got to know my dad better then I have