Interview with Big brother

Andre talked about his career, family, religion, and his life in school.

Farm Life

The two people in the interview are Presley Panaro and Mary Jane Arrington, Mary Jane is Presley’s grandmother. The interview took place at Mary Jane’s House and Presley age is 14. Working on a farm is long, hard work but...

Thanksgiving listen

How life was growing up poor in the 50s

Through the eyes of Carrol as a child.

Recorded on November 24, my grandmother told me all about her life as a child. Overall, she enjoyed her childhood and the people who where in it. She enjoyed playing with her brothers, cooking, and playing with friends. Although she...

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his life. I asked him questions about his life expectancies.

Grandma talks about her life growing up,past jobs, and presidential elections

In this interview on November 25th 2018 in lake travis texas zack thomas interviews his grandmother kay thomas about her childhood and past jobs

A Chat with Eunice

In a family with little money, you have to work hard to sustain yourself.

James Foster and Ms. Accie Mae Murray talk about family life, growing up on a farm and how her parents guided her to take the right path.

Ms. Murray talks about growing up on a farm, with her family, where she learned about family togetherness, and having fun. Her parents taught her to stay healthy, and to get along with all kinds of people. Her mother shared...

About my father

This is about my father growing up and how I was as a child.