Interview with my Grandparents, Toni and Alan Goldey

In this interview, we talked about my grandparents childhood, how they met, and how their different upbringings have brought different aspects to their relationship. Being apart of the Air Force, we discussed how this lifestyle of constantly moving affected their...

Interview with my mom

We talked about how my mother raised me and thing she would change. We also discussed some of her school life and who left the biggest impact.

Thanksgiving interview

We were talking about how she is proud of her parents and many great things she said to her great great grandchildren and to me her son.

Words of wisdom

Here are some words of wisdom by Josh my dad’s friend.

Vinny Milani: Who Are you?

Today we dive in with Vincent Milani of The Rough Cut Sportscast, and how he became who he is today!

My Father

A remote interview that I conducted with my dad, Alexander Rodriguez.

Ellie Savino learns more about her grandparents lives

Ellie Savino interviews her grandparents, Bill and Connie Smith. Ellie is recording from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and Bill and Connie are recording from Lakeland Florida. Ellie asks them many questions that she has always been curious about, such...


I was interviewing brother. And asking him a couple of questions.