APUSH Interview Assignment

My father discussed his childhood in France, his time in the French military, working as a welder, and moving to America. He also discussed working as a rescue worker on 9/11, and how it made him become a firefighter.

Baby in a Suitcase

AnnaLea Sreba interviewing her Grandmother, Jenny Tyrcz. She hears the story about how her great grandmother immigrated into Canada from Poland. She finds out that Jenny's mother originally went to France, meeting her dad. Who then brings them to Canada,...

Armand Zoulika and Mary Peterson

Armand shares with hospice chaplain Mary the meaning of Ramadan and the challenges of coming together as a community in person during COVID and shares his sorrow at the death of his mother and how he bakes to remember her.

Peggy Stelpflug, USAF wife, Chaumont, France, 1955-1958

Peggy, age 90, tells stories of getting married in France, and early marriage with Bill Stelpflug, USAF pilot.

interview with mom (florence catania)

My mom and I talked mostly about her childhood and what her life was like since she lived in France and England. I also learned a lot about my grandparents and what their life was like.

John Raguin and Michel Raguin

John Raguin (51) talks with his father, Michel Raguin (81), about when Michel came to live in the US from France, about his life once he arrived, and about different technological advances he has seen in his lifetime.

Hannah Mitchell and Arlene El-Amin

One Small Step conversation partners Hannah Mitchell [no age given] and Arlene El-Amin [no age given] discuss growing up in Montreal and Chicago. They also discuss their Unitarian and Muslim beliefs and the ways that their beliefs are similar.

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom at Nausheen Doyle and she shared a little bit about her past life and her president and her future