Max interviewing Nana for oral history class at Duke part 5
February 25, 2024 App Interview

in part 4 (or maybe 5) of a series of interviews with Nana for his oral history class at Duke, my mom describes her life between 1987 to 2002.

Jean Morgan and Mark Heithaus

One Small Step conservation partners Mark Heithaus (39) and Jean Morgan (70) have a conversation about religion and their experiences traveling abroad.

Troy Hibbard and Bob Miller

Fellow legionaires, post commander Troy Hibbard (39) and post adjutant Bob Miller (64), highlight the service records of Lake Geneva veterans and discuss the formation of the American Legion and Grand Army of the Republic community organizations in Lake Geneva.

Interview with mom

My name is Tanner MacDonald (17), I am with my mom Kate Macdonald (50). I talked with her about her childhood.

Two Badass Sisters Inspire the Rare Disease World

Suzanne Hoff, 76, listens to Sharon Neumann, 66, relate her remarkable experiences as caregiver from childhood for her younger sister diagnosed with the rare, incurable disease of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) to their remarkable journey developing world wide support (IFOP)for...

Mana Derakhshani and Susan Tauck

One Small Step conversation partners Mana Derakshani (67) and Susan Tauch (83) discuss travel, community and their love of food.

John Eckblad Reflects on His Life and Career

John Eckblad is a social psychologist who distinguished himself in business management and industrial relations. While his “culturally diverse, blended family” has roots in Sweden and early English settlement of North America, he grew up in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. As...