American Girl dolls

I interview my mom about American Girl dolls. It’s my first interview!


My boyfriend talks about his childhood, divorce, diabetes, and other fun topics

Betty (my grandmother)

We talked about Grandma Betty’s childhood memories and becoming an art teacher.

The interview

We talked about how it was like growing up as a only child. Also how to raise a child

Career prep interview

This is my career prep interview with my grandma. I asked her a couple of questions about her childhood and some memories.

School project

Conversation between father and daughter for a school project.

Growing Up During the Iranian Revolution

Afsaneh Abree talks about her experience growing up during the Iranian Revolution and her experience as an immigrant after 9/11

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about many things we started with childhood and ended with how he would like to be remembered. He gave many great words of advice that and shows how hard work passion and love can lead to a happy...