Steve Desroches and Julie Wheeler

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Julie Wheeler (58) about her life as a musician, comedian and drag king as well as life in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

how my family moved to America

me and my grandmother talked about her life and how she grew up. most of the answers I did not know and was surprise.

Michelle Robertson talking with her daughter Ella

in this recording my mother Michelle talks about her career and the things she is most proud of. She talks about me and my brother’s childhood and how reliable her career is.

Jeanine Mah and Susan Mah

On August 23, 2016 Jeanine Mah (84) talks with her daughter, Susan Mah (48), about the death of Jeanine's husband/Susan's father from cancer as well as Jeanine's thoughts about her own pending death, which occurred 3 years later. They discuss...

Sabra Booth

Sabra Booth (57) discusses her family history with a focus on her mother, Barbara Booth. Her family fought in World War II, participated in the creation of the Manhattan Project, and lived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which was a military...

My Mormor!

My name is Sophie and I am 14. I interviewed my Mormor/grandmother who is 80.

Loman Martin and Reid Belew

One Small Step partners Loman Martin (38) and Reid Belew (29) discuss their small-town and religious upbringings, their families, women's rights, racism, and their life experiences.

Alyssa Chase and Briana Phillips

One Small Step partners Alyssa Chase (29) and Briana Philips (28) discuss their families, their values, and Christianity.

Ashton Jolley and Catherine Corcoran

One Small Step partners Ashton Jolley (21) and Catherine Corcoran (21) discuss their religious upbringings, their parents, their educational experiences, and their political views.