Moving to the South Bay

Polly Schneider talks about when she moved to El Porto, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Ace Boatyard.

Boatyard Stories, Part 1

Polly Schneider tells about life in Hermosa Beach, California, Ace Boatyard and sailing to Catalina Island from King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach.

Always being the new kid

On December 4th, 2017 Trixie Davis,14, interveiwed her father, Tom Davis, about what his life was like growing up and switching schools are on the Southern California area in the 1980’s. Fam tells her about his experiences going to three...

interview with katrina

this interview took place in hermosa beach, california on november 27. i interviewed my mom, katrina pearl, about her life. her early life, she was a very athletic child who enjoyed sports. her teen years were stressful but her parents...

Marilyn Shaw talks to her grandson, Colin Shaw, about her life and inspirations.

In this interview, Colin Shaw (14) interviews his grandmother, Marilyn Shaw about her life. They talk about everything from her childhood to her jobs in the Foreign Services and Peace Corps, and even some political opinions. She shares about her...