civil interview

After the interview, I seen a whole another side of my teacher. The conversation that was given was a new perspective on teaching and education. It can be really inspiring to hear from someone who's passionate about shaping minds and...

Recording – 05-08-2024 17:42:15

My interview was for my biggest influence in my life. I interviewed my childhood friend Isaiah from 3rd grade. I asked him questions about life and how he sees our friendship.

interview with mom

me and my mom discuss the similarities and differences of the civil war and how we were taught In school

How my mother Perceived thing

Mother(Marina(37))and Daughter(Emily(17)) discuss first impressions, the relationship between her biological father and her, and other thoughts about life choices.

Service Learning Interview

In this recording I interview my 10th- grade World History teacher Ms. Quintero. I ask her questions about her interest and aspirations and future goals.

history interview

in this interview I question my brother about his overall life and thoughts

Interview with Mrs.Stone

I spoke to Mrs.Stone about some of her favorite memories and learned more about her life outside of teaching.

Mr. Gibbons interview

Interview with Mr. Gibbons about him as a person

Recording – 04-05-2024 15:11:56

Friends Iris (14) and Sylvie (16) discuss random thoughts, including trees, money, and writing random stories