Interviewing my mother

An interview of my moms life and accomplishments.

Interview with my mom.

My mom and I talked about people who affected her life, regrets that she had, and lessons she had learned.

December 5, 2018
Interview With Mother, December 2018

In this interview, I ask my mother, Steph, questions. I ask questions that involve her relationship with my father, her education, career, me, and other random questions regarding her past, present, and future.

December 1, 2018
Mom and Daughter 2018

This is an interview between a mother and her teenage 16 year old daughter in 2018.

Getting too know

We could not make it five minutes long but I got the project done it was fun I got to know my mom better.

The Mom Interview

This interview is private.

Mother and Son

This interview is private.