Interview with my mom.

My mom and I talked about people who affected her life, regrets that she had, and lessons she had learned.


This is an interview with my dad and it’s about what he thinks about college and of me going to college

Listen Project

I learned a lot about nana and some about my mom like how she skipped the 2nd grade and went to 3rd and how my nana became a pastor

The Great Thanksgiving Story – Bryant
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Asking my brother questions for the Thanksgiving Listen.

A Conversation with my Mom

I was able to have a conversation with my mom. I was able to ask my mom question I was never gonna really ask her.

Karen’s interview

A interview about her life I would recommend listening to this because it’s funny

Interview about family

I had a great conversation about him and his family and background. He told many great stories and really enjoyed this time.