An interview between a father and his son took place with a series of questions on how the father grew up and some of the decisions he made throughout his lifetime

Mrs Sirmans Class 5th Period Trent Edwards Interview

We talked about his childhood, and how he found music as a fun way for him to get involved

Catholic Shenanigans

Tom Kilgro is the youth leader at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Nico Marthe is one of the many teenangers that spends Wednesday’s and Sundays with the most inspiring man he’s ever met.

My mommy and me

A interview of a teenage girl and her mom. This interview discovers answers about the past and future and how life in the past for my mom is different from life now.

Thoughts of a Freshman- Age 15

Since we are so young and didn’t have a profound story to share, this is more of a snapshot into the way we interact at this phase in our lives, from which I hope to look back on.