Recording – 01-17-2024 19:12:32

Sam age 15 mom age 46. shes my mom we talked about her life

Abbygale Mode interviews her dad, Alan Mode, about a few main points in his life.

Abbygale Mode (age 15) interviews her dad, Alan Mode (age 40). Many of the topics we discussed related to family and personal experiences. I (Abbygale) learned many things about my family through these questions and feel like I was taught...

Interview with my Dad

We talked about being parents. We also talked about myself and his childhood.

final draft of interview with nana

Ross- me Ross- dad Patti-interviewee Ray- Patti’s husband

In the bathroom with my niece Anicia

Hello my name is Maria Perez and I am here with my niece Anicia. asking her questions about her future and having a good conversation with her.

Finding more about my cousin and how he sees his life

Bella Garcia: 2023-11-21 00:18:38 Bella garcia, 15 year old interviewing 13 year old cousin about her general life. Bella ask the questions and Colten gives a answer to tell us more about himself. .

Recording – 11-10-2023 14:45:12

I interviewed Keyanna for my project.  we are friends who go to Kennedy high school, and we are both 15. We discussed many different topics.

Interviewing my mom
September 21, 2023 App Interview

I(14) interview my mom(42) about multiple different topics. Topics such as her happiest moment, the day I was born, and more.