Cody Pollard: True Crime Assignment

This is a story about a true crime that my roomate experienced when he was a younger child. He remembers this story like it was yesterday due this story literally hitting close or in this case into his own home....

What makes you Emilio Canaii?

In this interview I asked Emilio a little bit about his outlook on life, his family history, and his experiences as part of the LGBT community.

Mom interview

I interviewed my mother about her experience as a mom. Her representation as a mom in society and differences between her mom and her

Stan Smith’ Golden Voice

History of Stan’s singing in school and church by his mother Betsy Smith and sister Melissa Smith Scott.

Sheila Kienzle

We talked about how great Mom’s life turned out…how she is grateful for everything she’s been blessed with.

Mammaw and Me: Christmas 2018

Mammaw and I talk about her growing up, her relationship with my biological grandpa, marriage to PawPaw, and family life with her sisters.

“All I want is to see my family together again”.

Claudia is a young Mexicanamerican woman who, with his husband, seeks to prove her American citizenship to resolve his immigration status.