Gloria Mattson and Sandy Martin

One Small Step conversation partners Gloria Mattson (69) and Sandy Martin (78) discuss gender and sexual identity, gun control, access to mental health services, racism, illegal immigration, sources of media and news, Donald Trump and the January 6th Insurrection, and...

Flying Farmers

Ralph Breding grew up in rural Idaho and, with his family, farmed land that his German grandparents homesteaded in 1912. Ralph’s daughter, Lesa, interviews him about the intersection of farming and flying airplanes beginning with his parents, Gilbert and Gertrude...

Paul Crenshaw and Lisa Thompson

One Small Step partners Paul "Scott" Crenshaw (59) and Lisa Thompson (48) have a conversation about how they came to be apart of their religious communities and the role of politics within religion.

John Ellis and Kara Silva

One Small Step partners John Ellis (43) and Kara Silva (51) discuss their shared love of the mind-expanding view travel provides. They reflect upon their difference religious views but shared sense of the importance of family and connection with other...

Robert Maddock and Tami Owen

Tami Owen (49) interviews her uncle Robert Maddock (89) about his life growing up in a military family, his service in the United States Marines Corps, his work, and his two marriages.

Reynaldo Segovia and Ysabel Segovia

Reynaldo Segovia (68) habla con su hija Ysabel Segovia (34) de su vida en Perú, su relación con sus padres y su familia y su decisión de buscar trabajo en los Estados Unidos. [Reynaldo Segovia (68) speaks with his daughter...