Tim Maniscalo, Life in the 1960s

Tim Maniscalo (born 1955) discusses his life in the 1960s, particularly memories of the Vietnam War and the assassinations of JFK, MLK Jr. and Bobby Kennedy.


Jim Hitch, age 94 of Evansville, Indiana tells about how his High School raised money to build a P47 during WWII

A small part of Tori’s life.

Tori will complete a dental assistant certification May 2021. She discusses her future, happy memories, and people who influenced her in her journey.

Political Views

Political views on Republican friend Brandon and his reasons for believing.

Interview of My Mom

I asked various questions about my mom’s life and accomplishments.

My Moms Interview

She talked about what her favorite moments of her life was.

The Lost of a Soul; Grandpa Joe

In this interview I will be asking my sister Jazlyn questions about our grandpa who passed in 2015. She will answer these questions on how she honors him and how much he means to her. She was in college when...