This is an interview between me and my mom, just a overall summary of us and our life.

Julie and Greg Allen

Greg and Julie talk about family, faith, and growing up in a wonderful home.

Alice & Ryan

Ryan and his grandma speak about life and religion and family.

Joseph cash and his farther Robert have a discussion of the life of being a pilot and being a father.

In an interview that was made near thanksgiving on November 22 2017. A tenaager by the name of Joseph asks his father the hard questions that he has never asked before. His father talks about how it was when he...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An 8 question interview with Marc Potter. It was not so brief, but funny at times.

Getting to know you better

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Churubusco, Indiana, Carson Forrester (16) interviews his father’s girlfriend Cindy Cottrell (53) about her life to get to know her better. The purpose of getting to know someone better is so you...