mom and me talking about family

me and my mom talked about some of her favorite moments as a kid and what she is most proud of now that improved her now

Immigration to America

This interview is about my dad’s immigration from India to America.

immigration in the 1990’s

In my interview, I recorded my mom’s experience being an Immigrant from India and her journey living in America.

US History Immigration interview

My aunt describes how her life was when moving to America and some of the difficulties she has faced ans some things she had to overcome when she first came here.

Interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom about her school life in India.

"The determined journey of immigrant Satish Meesa interviewed by Nishna Meesa."

This interview is about my father Satish Meesa and his journey and adventure of immigrating from India to Kansas. He talks about how his journey looked like, what America and Kansas had to offer like the opportunities, and the challenges...

Ayush Patel Interviews his Father, Mitul Patel, about Life and Education in India and the USA

Ayush interviews Mitul in Canton, Michigan, on January 13, 2023, by asking him questions about his life, education, and positive memories in India. Mitul gives thoughtful responses to these questions. He shares his opinion on skills learned in education and...

A Piece of Her Story: Raising Children and Sending Them to America

Tulasiratnam Cherukuri, 66, tells parts of her story about raising her children and her perspective on America as a Telugu woman in Chennai.

Aditi Iyer (14) interviews her grandmother in India, Shantha Dhandapani (70) about her upbringing and her previous jobs.

In this interview, conducted on January 5, 2023, in Canton Michigan, Aditi Iyer interviews her grandmother Shantha Dhandapani (70) about her childhood in India and her work life. She talks about the different jobs she worked in and how it...