Jim Sayers and Donna Prizgintas

Jim Sayers (77) and Donna Prizgintas talk about his memories of growing on a farm in Humboldt, Iowa, the transition of the farm through generations and his hope for the future of the land and his family.

1960s interview

My grandpa, Paul Market, was 15 in 1960. During this interview, he discusses his lifestyle during the 1960s and his feelings regarding the major changes in his life and the overall time period. Also, he mentions major events that he...

Traveling Memories with a Mother and her Son

I (the son) asked my mom about her favorite memories while traveling. We have been to many places together and we just talked about a few.

Masculinity in the Modern Age

Greta Henderson (21) and Jennifer Todd-Ferrell (39) discuss the intricacies of masculinity and gender in modern America.

Robert Sherrill and Jannis Schilling Sherrill

Husband and wife Robert "Bob" Sherrill (70) and Jannis "Jann" Schilling Sherrill (68) talk about their experience as a military couple and reflect on the many places that they have lived over the years.

Ella Holberg and Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis (44) shares a conversation with new friend Ella Holberg (88) about Ella's family history and growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Steve Desroches and Jon Richardson

Steve Desroches (48) talks to musician Jon Richardson (35) about his work in Provincetown, Massachusetts and in particular his role as a piano man in a town with a long tradition of piano bars.

We are related to Benjamin Franklin

I learned that me and my grandma are related to Benjamin Franklin. I learned she lived in 8 Different states. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Texas. not in the order. And she lived in 38 different...