Growing Up in a Small Town in Iowa

Timothy Juhlin (dad) and Ava Juhlin (his daughter) discuss growing up in a small town in Iowa and how he has changed over the years.

Todd Western on Being a Black Farmer in Iowa

Todd Western III talks about the legacy of being from one of the first black farming families in Iowa, building community between black farmers, and the inaugural Iowa Farmers of Color Conference.

Pete Kerns Looks for Lost Pigs

Pete Kerns remembers when his pigs escape into the woods of Iowa, and the week of searching with community members that ensued.

Lizzie Cusick, a Cat, and a Goose

Lizzie Cusick shares early memories of her grandfather's farm, and a surprise trade of a loving cat for a angry goose.

Tom Cotter Remembers His Dad

Tom Cotter is a fourth generation farmer from Austin, MN. He shares about the death of his dad, and appreciating the gift of storytelling in the field.

Patricia Pinto and Theresa Warren

Patricia Pinto (56) speaks with Practical Farmers of Iowa volunteer Theresa Warren (28). Patricia shares the dream of farming that she's had since childhood, her journey to be a beginning farmer, and her gratitude for the community of knowledge sharing...

Ryan and Jamie Madison

Ryan and Jamie Madison talk about moving back to Iowa to start their farm. They're first generation farmers working to be financially sustainable from farming, and living a life of satisfaction.