Clare Winright and her mother, Elizabeth Winright discuss family history and traditions.

Interview conducted In December 2020 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Elizabeth Winright describes her childhood and stories of her mother and grandparents during her interview with Clare Winright.

Christmas Day

interviewing my grandma on christmas

Moms heritage

In talking to my mom it became very evident that parts of your past can shape who you become in ways you couldn’t possibly predict.

Rose Friedrich and Bruce Friedrich.

Bruce Friedrich (84) talks with his granddaughter Rose Friedrich (14) about his experiences from growing up on a farm to getting a phd in chemistry.

Marguerite and her college experience with the covid 19 pandemic

We discussed the impact that COVID-19 has had on Marguerite’s college experience. We also discussed how her freshman year at college, her first impression of college was.

My Grandma’s Life Story

What we mainly talk about was what it was like for her as a mom. We also talked about what she wants her legacy to be.

Cyndy Comics Interview

I interviewed my mom about her experiences with comics and comic books in her lifetime.

Sarah Van Wyk

An interview with my mother to test out the app.