My moms childhood

I interviewed my mom because I am close with her and I wanted ti learn more about her childhood. I hope to get to know my mom more and where she came from.

Learning More About Irish Patch Craftsmen

Irish embroidery and handicrafts have recently got our attention and therefore, we sent a team to briefly discuss their craft and techniques. We also came across that is considered as one of the oldest and reliable designer of clothing...

American Heritage Project – Interview

PJ Vigo (16) interviews Margaret O’driscoll (56) a family friend about her immigration experience from Ireland to the US.

Carmel Keane and Shira Smillie

Carmel Keane (22) shares a story she's written with new friend and StoryCorps facilitator Shira Smillie (26), reflecting on her grandparents, her connection to Ireland, and the way photographs can carry memories.

The Story Of Alaina Braxton

On January 4th 2023, Luci Greisman (15) interviewed her grandmother, Alaina Braxton (68). Alaina Braxton was born in 1956 and during this interview, Alaina Braxton shared her love of travel, talked about immigrating to the United States from Ireland, and...

Father and Daughter Discuss His Time in Ireland

Mattie Adam (27) and Kerry Adam (57) discuss Kerry’s time abroad at Trinity College as a student in 1985. Topics covered include what traveling can bring to one’s life, Dublin’s best fish and chips, math classes in Ireland versus math...

grandma anna’s life history
November 28, 2022 App Interview

i, anna o’brien, got to interview my grandma, who is also named anna today. i asked questions about her life history, her childhood, and her family that i never got to meet. i really enjoyed hearing stories i never would’ve...

Thomas ask’s about his grandpa’s experiences on Hilton head island

I talked with my grandfather who I call pop pop about his life. He told me about our family heritage and his life growing up. He also talked about my dad, who is his son. It was a very good...