Interview with Captain Sandra Johnston of the U.S. Navy (my amazing mom)

Captain Johnston talks about her experiences being in the Navy for the past 30 years. She tells of her different deployments, especially those on the hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, during the Gulf War and during a humanitarian mission to...

Getting to know Brandy

Nasir asked me some questions to get to know me a little more

Aiden Briesacher and Kelly Barnes

Aiden Briesacher: 2020-11-29 21:07:51 Aiden Briesacher (17) speaks with her Aunt, Kelly Barnes (50), about her life. Travel experiences in India, Japan, London, China, Australia and more as well as childhood memories, life in different countries, and a surprise reveal...

The girl who saved my life.

When Olivia was 3 , I almost died after being trapped on a snowy mountain for several days. When I was about to give up after 6 nights, she appeared before me and said, “Daddy, don’t give up. Go up...

Logan Dupre and his grandpa, Frank, talk about his life experiences.

This interview took place in New Orleans on Thanksgiving in 2020. We talk about my grandpa’s experiences in sports and jobs. There are also a few stories of his experiences including a surprise story about me.

Ann Jordan and Yo Azama
November 23, 2020 App Interview

Yo Azama: 2020-11-23 19:21:14 Yo Azama (51) talks to his friend and mentor, Ann Jordan (63), about her mother Tei Dacus (97) who moved to the US to pursue her dream in 1950's and began her career as an educator.

DIM interview

talked about their biggest impacts in life and how that changed their views

Kenji Kawasaki and Kristen Kawasaki

Kenji Kawasaki (55) and his wife Kristen Kawasaki (36) reflect on Kenji's diagnosis with cancer in early 2020, his treatment at both The Floating Hospital and at a hospital in Japan, and his journey towards recovery. Kristen and Kenji also...