Vidabeth Bensen shares stories of her life and her work as an artist in many places around the world.

If you have enjoyed the Chatham Artists Open Studio tours, you’re likely to be acquainted with Vidabeth Bensen as a talented screen print artist. What you may not know is that she avidly pursued her art and taught her craft...

Kenji Muro other memories
February 19, 2024 App Interview

Moses Graubard, age 45, interviewing his stepfather, Kenji Muro, age 80, about Kenji’s relationship with his first wife and subsequent divorce, the personalities of Kenji’s two sons when they were young, and about how Kenji initially met Moses’ mother and...

Kanzi Takayama and Kalimah Azeez

Colleagues Kanzi Takayama [no age given] and Kalimah Azeez [no age given] get to know each other as Kanzi shares his journey to the United States and life in Japan, Kalimah’s experiences as an African American Muslim woman, and their...

Troy Hibbard and Bob Miller

Fellow legionaires, post commander Troy Hibbard (39) and post adjutant Bob Miller (64), highlight the service records of Lake Geneva veterans and discuss the formation of the American Legion and Grand Army of the Republic community organizations in Lake Geneva.

Conversation with Tom Lennon, United States Navy Veteran
November 18, 2023 App Interview

I had a conversation with Mr. Lennon about his inspiration to serve, specific experiences on carriers overseas, and lessons of leadership he learned as well as implemented as a Captain. Mr. Lennon discussed his initial reactions and officers he looked...

Shuichi Sasaki and Patricia Harvey

Schuichi Sasaki (74) and Patricia "Pat" Harvey (80), co-workers at the Kikkoman factory in Walworth, Wisconsin, share a conversation about their experiences at the first Kikkoman plant outside of Japan, their long-held friendship, and their lives.

Carroll Swanson Shephard family stories

Cousins Jennifer Swanson and Carla Swanson Gawthrop interview their Aunt Carroll as the extended family is gathered for a wedding. Carroll shares memories of growing up with Grandma Jesse Willits and the Chesapeake Bay farm house, her mom Georgianna Mooma...

Eldon Carl Swanson Jr stories

Cousins Jennifer Swanson and Carla Swanson Gawthrop interview Jenny's uncle/Carla's dad as the extended family is gathered for a wedding. Carl Swanson Jr tells about living in Japan, being born in Brooklyn, his dad Carl Swanson Sr escaping the Yangtze...