Elias Gomez and Roberto Lavadie

Elias Gomez (11) interviews his grandfather, Roberto Lavadie (72), about his experiences during Vietnam.

Melissa Smith and Matt S

Spouses, Melissa Smith (37) and Matt S (39), sit down for a conversation about their relationship, their experiences serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and the decisions they had to make in order to start a family together.

sway yoko and her grandmother bernadet hall talk about life in japan

In this interview, conducted in november 2021 in albuquerque, New Mexico, sway yoko(16) interviews her grandmother bernadet hall(56) about life in japan. Bernadet hall tells a story about the war and her transportation to america as an orphan.

Stephen Melillo’s Interview as a Musical Composer

Stephen Melillo is a well gifted composer who writes music for professional bands, orchestras, military bands, and schools all around the world. He teaches great things and morales through his words and music and writes about deep things and events...

Thanksgiving 2021

About her life as being an army brat. Her experiences as a child and growing up with her father in the military.

Interviewing my Grandma (Obachan)

We talked about the history of my grandma and how it was like moving to America. We also found out funny stories about my dad and uncle.

English Interview

We talked about my fathers time in the military and what he hopes I can become.