Bill the veteran
December 15, 2023 App Interview

Bill is my 90 year old neighbor who is a veteran. He served in the U.S. army in the Korean War and lived very differently than how we do today. Bill shares his accomplishments, regrets, and life story in this...

Gummee Champommier, 52, reflects on the experience of being separated from her parents during their immigration from South Korea

Cora Champommier (15) sits down to talk with her mother, Gummee Champommier (52), on the personal hardships of living with immigrated parents, far from home; and finding comfort in the routine of her past life

The Korean War

Today I will be interviewing my grandpa about his life and war. He will tell what he did and how he lived/coped in Korea.

1953 – Loren & Veneta Lesher – Part 1

Loren (age 94) and Veneta (age 89) have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from each year of their lives together. This interview covers 1953, the first year of their marriage. The recording continues in Part 2.

Interview with my Uncle

In this interview, we discuss my uncles childhood memories, with his move to America from Korea. We talk about the loss of tradition and culture from the move along with the LA riots.

Sarah Doran and Ian Gonzalez

Sarah Doran (37) speaks with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26), about her personal and family history of military service. Sarah describes how she met her husband while they were both serving. And Sarah shares the messages and values in the...

Sabra Lumbert and Marion Fulton

One Small Step partners Marion Fulton (89) and Sabra Lumbert (34) discuss their very different backgrounds, their experiences teaching in Asia, and their differing views on abortion

Hawu Juhye Lim and Yuchen Chang

Friends Hawu Juhye Lim (34) and Yuchen Chang (34) ask each other about family, home, and living in New York after leaving their places of origin.

John McGrath and Cynthia Aki

Friends John McGrath (83) and Cynthia Aki [no age given] recall John being a prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam, for six years and Cynthia’s service in the military.