Finding A FairView of Healthcare: A Conversation with Chris Keyser

Retired CEO of Fairview Community Health Center Chris Keyser shares her insights about the need for and impact of a federally qualified community health center.

From Italy to America; The Start of a New Chapter

Marco Muça talks about his journey from Italy to America. From living on an island, to moving across seas to play soccer in Kentucky, we learn about the struggles and triumphs of such a journey.

Growing up in the South: Interview with Joanne Taylor (King) part 1

Joanne talks about growing up in the King family near Danville, KY in the 1940s and 50s. She covers sharecropping, tobacco farming, farm life, valuable lessons, hard work, and good and bad times in the process.

Personal Responsibility

Bruce Dearfield, a student from Marshall University sits down with Dani Boyles to discuss her involvement with a Black Lives Matter protest and her views on systemic racism as a whole for First Year Seminar.

Dave McCarthy Interview

We talked quite a bit about reflection. His life growing up, and his fondest memories.

A Journey through Medicine with Dr. Thomson

Dr. Thomson discusses his path into medicine with the WKU Rural Health Scholars. They also discuss rural health and Dr. Thomson's role as the TB doctor for the Barren River District Health Department.

What’s Going on in your Mind: A Talk with my Daughter during COVID-19

I wanted to sit down and talk with my 11 year old about how her world has changed during COVID-19. I know it is hard on everyone but I wanted to see how she feels. I hope she finds some...