The difference between American and Central Asian cultures
November 30, 2023 App Interview

This is a conversation between Diana (21) and her husband Nazar (26). There are some questions about American and Turkmen lifestyles.

Recording – 11-29-2023 20:06:57

Estela Escuro (15) - granddaughter Avelina Ortiz (75) - grandma Discussed family heritage and other questions about life.

Ethan Stolpp interviews his 68 year old Opa in McKinleyville

16 year old Ethan Stolpp interviews his 68 year old Opa, Terry. We discuss his family and personal history. We also discuss his views on the current political status.

Ariel Jin’s interviewing her dad, Young-hoon Jin, on November 26th, 2023.

In this interview, Ariel Jin interviews her dad about how his experiences as a child/teen changed his adulthood for better or for worse. She talks about the major transitions and moments in life that affected her dads future.

Asking Grandpa some questions

Dominic age 14, James age 66, Grandson and grandfather. I was discussing with my grandpa about his life. I was also talking to him about how his youth years where like.