Gratitude and the Holidays

I, Mikela Zambrano (18) interviewed my aunt, Miliza Chicot (50), about what she feels gratitude about and how it reflects on her experience during the holiday season.

Ayesha Brains Interview

Drag star Ayesha Brains took the time to talk to me via zoom about her involvement in the drag community as well as her part in pride.

Jean Odom and Johnnie Odom II

Johnnie Odom II (42) interviews his mother, Jean Odom (77), about how she accidentally ended up at Elvis Presley's funeral and about her experience living in Memphis, TN around the time of his birth.

Martha Winters Gilliland, November 2021, age 77

Martha Gilliland born in 1944 talks about her favorite memories of her life. From growing up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania to having children and growing older and wiser

Omar Mohamed and Valentina Ross

Coworkers Valentina Ross (56) and Omar Mohamed (31) discuss the importance of highlighting refugees' stories, how immigration has affected their community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments in the United States and abroad.

Ruhama Lamure and Pete Anders

Ruhama Lamure (23) chats with her mentor, Pete Anders (56), about her hopes for her new career, what it means to be an officer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how the police force can attract more women and people of color.

Miguel Rodriguez and Sheila Mastropietro

Sheila Mastropietro (67) interviews her friend Miguel Rodriguez (58) about his experience migrating from Cuba to the United States and building a life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Mahoney Interview

We spoke about her upbringing, career, home life, and our relationship.

Pat and Kal Buchovecky

Pat Buchovecky (78) and Kal Buchovecky (80) discuss their lives. Arjun Khurana (18) conducts the interview. Their granddaughter, Anya Buchovecky (17) is present for the first half. 2021-03-03