Interview with my Papa from Puerto Rica

We talked about his experiences at home and the things he did to become a successful American citizen. We also talked about the challenges he faced when he arrived.

Immigrant Interview

This interview is about my mom and I discussing about her immigration to America and her lifestyle.

2018 Immigration Project – Mr Robichaud – By David Nguyen

I, David Nguyen, interview my mother, Lan “Tina” Nguyen for a school project on immigration. My mother, Lan, was a Vietnamese immigrant who escaped from the Vietnam War to America years ago as she tells us in this interview.

Immigrant interview

Description of what it was like to immigrate from Spain to America

Immigrant interview

An interview with Mrs.Rangaraj, an immigrant who came to America from India. She tells me her story and opinions on what her travels were like and how she defines the American dream.