Life in Peru

I am Christopher Campo, and I interviewed my mom Jenny Montano. I am 13 years old and she is 47 years old. I liked this interview because it's always nice to know more of her story before I was born....

Fabiana Chiu and Cynthia Capriata

Fabiana Chiu [no age given] talks with her friend Cynthia Capriata [no age given] about growing up Chinese in Perú and learning about the history of her family and the Chinese in Perú and the Americas.

Carlos Bretel and Robin Heggum

Carlos (40) and Robin (35) discussed the beginning of their relationship, starting in Peru while traveling and ending with their life in Chicago as a married couple.

Sara Vera and Nico Vera

Sara Vera, 77, habla con su hijo Nico Vera, 44, sobre sus memorias favoritas de comida en su vida: en su niñez, como mamá, y como una peruana viviendo lejos de su pais.