My Moms Life

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Alexis’ Interview with Dad
November 28, 2022 App Interview

My dad talks about his life growing up, and what he imagined it would be like today. He talks about important people in his life, and some of his best life lessons.

Sydney and Jean’s Interview

This interview was done by Sydney Rose who is 16 and her participant was her mom Jean Rose who is 51. Throughout the interview Jean shared experiences of her life, her thoughts, and overall things that brought to where she...

Yaya and Moxie Chattin it Up
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Moxie (16) asks their Yaya/ Grandma, Catherine (76) about her interests, connections, and passions. Around 1 hour and 10 minutes long, though it discusses events spanning decades.

Rosalva "Rosie" Salazar & Scott Acord

Rosie talks about her work with Providence community outreach programs. How its the most rewarding work she's ever done. She has known since she was 13 and had to be a translator for her mother when she needed medical care.

Norman Walker and Jeffrey Walker

Jeffrey Walker (54) interviews his father, Norman Walker (89), about his career in the U.S. Navy and the University of Idaho Extension, as well as about the advice that he'd like to pass on to future generations of their family.

Susan Kraft and Michael Kraft

Susan Kraft (59) and her brother, Michael Kraft (62), share a conversation about their family history, their parents' relationship, and the love with which they were raised.

Meredith Rowland and Liz Wessel

Meredith talks with her colleague, Liz, about her journey to her nursing career, starting in a veterinary clinic, the Army, and finally Cal State Fullerton. She and Liz talk about working in Home Health and the challenges, and joys of...

Suor So and Amanda So

Amanda So (29) interviews her father, Suor So (69), about his life, focusing on his immigrating to the United States in 1981 from Cambodia and his subsequent life here.