The Stories of My Closest Friends

This interview contains the questions regarding parts of a couple of close friends of mine's stories. I ask questions regarding major points in their lives and how they overcame them to be better people.

Brandi Whitney and Brenda Ford

Brandi J. Whitney (45) talks with her conversation partner, Brenda Ford (51), about see Love in new ways this Valentine's Day 2022 as she mourns the recent deaths of her father, grandmother and husband, Michael.

Last minute interview

This interview gave us a brief look at Tyler’s future and perspective on life. It also gives us a look at what he wants to be and do when he gets older. He tells us what he does in his...


The different careers that my mom and family have had, and also where my family comes from.

Joanna Wright & Tara Cummings

When the New Bethany Home for Girls in Arcadia, Louisiana opened in 1971, the religious reform school was known as a safe haven for “wayward girls.” Over the next three decades, law enforcement officials repeatedly investigated claims of physical and...