Memere and Pepere- heart of kindness

My 13 year old daughter Annabella interviews her great Memere and Pepere and chooses questions to ask about acts of kindness, and what they are grateful for.

Izzy & Méme

Izzy and Méme discuss Izzy’s father (Méme’s son) childhood.

My Favorite Oldest Sister

I had a lot if fun interviewing my aunt. we are very close and I learned a lot if things about her.

Interviewing my Dad

Erik Bergeron, interviewed on January 12, 2019, is a loving man. His career is working as a loan officer. His nickname was Berge because it was short for Bergeron. He grew up in Sanford, Maine, and played basketball there. He...


Andrew and I talk about his views on politics and his home life growing up

Conors interview

We talked about Conor’s childhood and his raising in the church