Ahnika Beltz and Pareena Ponniah – 4/18/2024

Ahnika Beltz (20) talks with her friend, Pareena Ponniah (20) about her religion and ethnicity while growing up and in today's life.

Ai Choo Kong – A Life of Resiliency and Compassion

Ai Choo Kong (“Lovely Pearl”), age 84, interviewed by her daughter, Lin Min Kong (“Bright Forrest”), age 52, about her life growing up in Malaysia, including enduring the Japanese occupation, emigrating to the US, and living in rural North Carolina....

Andy Hall and Katherine Chon talk about forced labor in the global healthcare supply chain

In recognition of Labor Day, Katherine Chon, Director of the Office on Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Andy Hall, a Migrant Worker Rights Specialist, spoke about forced labor in Malaysia’s rubber glove...

Interviewing parents

I interviewed my mom about her past such as what was her proudest memories and how she wanted to be remembered

Immigration and Racism with my Dad

Interviewing my Dad on how he experienced racism throughout his journey from Malaysia to the United States

Thanksgiving Interview

Erik Monson gets interviewed about his childhood and his experiences moving around due to his father’s job as an information officer