Cheryl Wason and Adeline Holt Smith

Cheryl Wason: 2021-04-03 18:19:02 Adeline Holt Smith (89) talks with her daughter, Cheryl Ann Wason (64) about raising her 6 children

Reflecting on the Past with Nan

I ask my immigrant Grandmother about her experiences in the United States. I also inquire about how she has used math.

Growing up in 1960’s

How growing up in the 1960’s differ from growing up in today’s world. As well as what you wish you would have known back then.

Betty Barber

Betty Barber (67) talks about her activities with Austin Parry (14).

Math Interview

This interview is based off my Grandfather’s life and his advice that he is giving to the younger generation.

Jayden Pritchett Oral History Interview

In today’s interview I’m interviewing my grandfather about his teenage and twenty years

"I grew up in a beautiful place"

A 12-year old asked her grandma questions about her teenage life. Her grandma explains how life was always filled with joy and happiness.