Moury Khan and Stefan Weiner

Friends and coworkers Moury Khan (29) and Stefan Weiner (33) learn more about each other by discussing their values, cultural backgrounds, and families.

Steve Desroches and Jay Critchley

Steve Desroches (49) talks to artist Jay Critchley (77) about how he turned an old cesspool on his property in Provincetown, Massachusetts into a performance space known as the Theater in the Ground.

Sherry Hayes and Jen Hayes

Jen Hayes (47) speaks with her mother Sherry Hayes (75) about her upbringing in the 1950s, what they have learned from one another, and reflections on Jen’s brother’s death.

Courtney McNeil and Leslie McGowan

Courtney McNeil (45) speaks with her mother Leslie McGowan (73) about childhood memories, her family background, and her experiences as a working mother.