Interview with Kit Patino
September 16, 2022 App Interview

Late evening interview before bed with my Fiancé, Christopher “Kit” who is 30. I am Jessica and I am 32 years old. We talked about ups and downs in his life and how he wants to be remembered.

Lucy’s Interview

interviewing my Tia Lucy, my dad’s oldest sister, while my dad is in the hospital recovering from his liver biopsy for his cancer diagnosis.

Dad’s Interview

My dad, Charlie, has cancer. I’m with him at the hospital while he waits for a liver biopsy to determine how advanced the cancer is and what specific kind. While we waited I interviewed dad on his topic of choice.

The Legacy of My Father, Juan Solano

In this interview, Dante Solano talks with his father about everything he has gone through in his life. This includes his childhood experiences, how he met his wife, and his experience in working for a long time. It all ends...

Interview 1

I speak with my grandfather about his past and his greatest memories.