Brandie Thomas and Catherine Thomas

Mother and daughter Catherine Thomas (53) and Brandie Thomas (29) talk about fond family memories, difficult moments in their lives, and Southern cooking.

CBP's authorities mistreatment to bordercrosser

The security of the United States is essential at any second and any time, we know that there are millions of people crossing everyday. Here at the borderland El Paso, Tx and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is our daily day lifes,...

Coming to America

In this interview, Deion Hankins age 23 and his uncle Joe Hankins age 48 take a dive into mixed culture as an African American growing up in Juarez and migrating into the United States.

My Mexican Mother

David Landaverde and his mother Paula Landaverde talk about her childhood. We also talk about religion and tradition. I am not sure she knows the whole 9/11 story. I love my mom.

Zammantha Moreira and Jacqueline Escobedo-Sotelo

Zammantha Moreira (15) talks with her mother, Jacqueline Escobedo-Sotelo (37) about her life, her childhood and her experience as an ER Nurse in the pandemic.

Elisa Ayala and Ruth Valsing
December 2, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Elisa Ayala (29) and Ruth Valsing (66) sit down for conversation in Jackson, Wyoming. They talk about politics within their respective communities, how to better understand the place where they live, and reflect on how...

Leo y su cuento de su pasado en México

Leo Bosworth talks about his life in Mexico before moving to the United States and shares stories about it.