My mom’s life

I interviewed my mom and talked about her life in the present and in the past

Francesca Herrera and Diane Vasconez

Francesca Herrera (20) interviews her grandmother Diane Arlene Vasconez (82) about Diane's life, focusing on Diane's life as a child, her education, and her marriage.

Christian Diance & Scott Acord

Christian wanted to be a nurse from an early age after watching his immigrant mother get her nursing degree and help lift the family out of poverty. He also talks about his work with Stop the Bleed.

Paloma Saucedo and Boris Ozuna Urueta

Friends and colleagues Paloma Saucedo (41) and Boris Ozuna Urueta (37) discuss where they grew up, their experiences as immigrants, and their work in social justice.

Rosalba Zaremba and Vilma Sierra

Rosalba "Rosa" Zaremba (29) and her colleague Vilma Sierra [no age given] discuss their organization Mexican Alliance of New Jersey and the importance of supporting underserved students.

Service Learning

The intricacies of human life and the intricacy of my mother’s life.

Cinthya Vazquez- Service Learning Project

I talked with my dad about his life growing up. I learned in depth what kind of values he held onto, and his best wishes for me when I keep on growing.