David Gonzalez and his grandmother, Irene Osorio have a conversation

Me and my grandmother spoke about her memories about her childhood and her earlier years

interviewing my mom about her childhood

We talked about her life before i was born. We also talked about what she wants for me in the future. Also we talked about her childhood and her way of living.

Interview with Victoria Serradet

Victoria and I spoke about our friendship as well as she spoke about her struggles at home.

Thanksgiving interview 2018 part 3

We disscused Grandma’s likes/ dislikes. We talked about certain topics and we disscused her ideas, thoughts, and opinions

Thanksgiving interview 2018 part 2

We discussed Grandma’s childhood memories. We talked about her likes/ dislikes. We talked about certain ideas and disscused her opinions on those topics.

Thanksgiving interview 2018 part 1

We disscused Grandma’s likes and dislikes. We talked about her past and her ideas / thoughts on those topics.We talked about her memories.