Interview about Syria

We talked about Raneem’s favorite memories from Syria and her life.

Stephanie Perron and Rory Caygill-Walsh

Rory Caygill-Walsh (42) and Stephanie Perron (41) describe each other as one another's "person." They talk about the support they've shown one another and discuss the meaning of loss and grief.

Valda Levensteins and Marisa Howe
August 10, 2020 App Interview

Valda Levensteins (89) talks with her friend, Marisa Howe (50), about her childhood in Latvia before and during World War II. Valda recounts her time in a Displaced Persons Camp, coming to the US and working for the Latvian Freedom...

Interview with Albert Hopper

Interview regarding the life of Albert Hopper. For his family, who he loves very much.

Dad and I

Sitting on our front porch in Birmingham, MI

Avis Max and Melanie Marsh Baum
July 15, 2020 OSS Hub

Avis Max (73) talks to her One Small Step partner Rev. Melanie Marsh Baum (39) about growing up in all-white communities and how that differed from their individual perspectives.