Meredith Rowland and Liz Wessel

Meredith talks with her colleague, Liz, about her journey to her nursing career, starting in a veterinary clinic, the Army, and finally Cal State Fullerton. She and Liz talk about working in Home Health and the challenges, and joys of...

Interview with a CCRN

I was able to interview one of Mission Hospital's critical care nurses and was able to ask her about her experiences and overall life as a nurse. In this interview, she discusses schooling and work life as well as how...

Modern global interview of my mothers escape from the Iranian revolution

This interview is about my mothers escape from Iran and how she felt after she had left the revolution.

Chris and Winston talk about music, religion, and vegetarianism.

In this interview, conducted in April 2018 in Mission Viejo, California, Chris Quintos (23) interviews his grandfather Winston (64) about music, religion, love, family, and being vegetarian. Winston shares about growing up in the Philippines, playing music and meeting the...

mindy and dad talk about dad’s christmas memories and traditions

recorded just a few days after christmas 2015, we sat down to talk about some of dad's favorite memories of christmas in the past, as well as some of his favorite traditions today