Patrick Duganz (39) and Grayson Duganz (10) 2/1/24

Patrick Duganz interviews his song Grayson who was six when the pandemic began. Grayson discusses the upsides of the pandemic (home, and games) and the downsides (school, being advanced for school after the pandemic).

Austin Turner and Nate Yoder

One Small Step conversation partners Nate Yoder (52) and Austin Turner (31) talk about growing up in relatively homogenous areas, expanding their point of view, their shifting politics and parenting.

Recording – 11-25-2023 16:08:28
November 25, 2023 App Interview

the participants were Adalyn Nielsen at age eleven and Barbara Jessee at age sixty-nine. The relationship of grandmotherly and granddaughter figure, their topics consisted of what Barbara Jesse would like to be recognized and remembered for,what she’s most grateful for,and...

Dolores Sheff and Nancy Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dolores Sheff (63) and Nancy Jones (70) discuss voting for different parties, but sharing many common interests and opinions around being compassionate towards others, education, money in politics, abortion, gun control, anti-depressants and joy.

Linda Carroll and Phil Carroll

Linda Carroll (no age given) asks her father Phil Carroll (73) about his time fighting overseas in the 1960s, as well as his transition out of the military and moving to Alaska. Phil also shares the story of how he...

Susan Loo Pattee and Katherine Loo

Susan Loo Pattee (61) talks with her mother, Katherine "Kathy" Loo (83), about their similarities, Katherine’s work with Union Printers Home, leadership, and education.


Katherine Devlin (47) interviewed, her mother, Connie Kaiser (79), in Billings, MT. The interview discussed Connie’s childhood, parenting, aging, memory changes and the lessons learned during different stages of Connie’s life.

Vicki Ronn and Steven Carey

One Small Step partners Vicki Ronn (63) and Steven Carey (33) have a conversation comparing their perspectives on gun control. They find they both come from families with very conservative views and they both share some libertarian views.