Grandpa doug

Sophia dion (16) granddaughter Doug Hawkins (80) Grandfather memories growing up, what his life was like.

Chandra Brown and Leonard Stewart

Chandra Brown (50) and her husband Leonard Stewart Jr. (46) share their love story, the twists of fate that brought the two of them together, and both of their involvement as advocates for their community.

Growing Up
September 27, 2023 App Interview

This is a conversation between Owen Elmer and his father Raymond Elmer. Seated in their house, they discuss Raymond’s life as a child and how that shaped him into the person he is today.

Cynthia Elliott and Elizabeth Anderson

One Small Step partners Cynthia Elliott (64) and Elizabeth "Libby" Anderson (48) have a conversation about following Jesus's political example, how hard it is to affect change in a given generation, their advice to their younger selves, and being empty-nesters.

Venetia Wilhelmsen On Her Progression Through Faith And Religion In Her Life.

Brandon Wilhelmsen (43) interviews his mother, Venetia Wilhelmsen (64) about her progression through faith and religion from early life to present day. Topics include search for truth, baptism, temple attendance, and how faith informs aspects of her life. 2023-07-06

Mrs. Ruby Amie in Las Vegas

Mrs. Ruby Amie-Pilot shares her migration story and experiences of coming to the Historic Westside in the 1950s. Her experiences range from being a young married woman to one of the first Black women to integrate the casinos on the...

Gwen Chaney-Braimoh

The Executive Director of Expertise Cosmetology Institute shares a little insight on how she began the first cosmetology school of Las Vegas.

interview with my mom

this is an interview with my mom for my ap Spanish class

Maria DeNovio and Cory [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Maria DeNovio (40) and Cory [No Name Given] (32) have a conversation where they exchange lived experiences and share moments in their careers that shaped their perspectives.