Hillary Kunda

An interview about a person who has experienced severe historical events. We look at the impact it had on not only her but the ones around her.

Donna Johnson and Kim Aprill

One Small Step conversation partners Kim Aprill (48) and Donna Johnson (40) have a conversation about motherhood, education, and religion.

Veronica Fischmann and Jenni Lippold

One Small Step conversation partners Veronica (36) and Jenni (42) have a conversation about their backgrounds growing up and living in different places, their experiences living abroad in Italy, and their views on having diverse communities and perspectives in their...

Joi Purvy and Jasper Joyner

Partners Joi Purvy (35) and Jasper Joyner (33) sit down to talk about their beloved city, Memphis. The two talk reflect on the kind and welcoming community that has embraced them and provided them security as Black queers. They also...

Judy Weisman and Jack Rosenhammer

One Small Step conversation partners Jack Rosenhammer (33) and Judy Weisman (80) discuss their concerns about polarization, whether our democracy is at risk, and if they consider themselves "optimists."

“No shortcuts in life”

Lynn Carlson, a teacher and the Law Coordinator of Forest Hills High School reflects on the values that she’s learned from teaching.

Aiesha Hunter and Tajma Phillips

Aiesha Hunter (35) and Tajama Phillips (43) discuss their work with Indomitable Families affected by Incarceration and their personal experiences with the criminal justice system.